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The Rubber Duckies / Rickshaw Run 2019 - Fundraiser for SOS Children's Villages

Peter Berg

Peter Berg

I am participating in the Rickshaw Run 2019, and have decided to once again support SOS Children's Villages!

We will be driving across India in a motorized Rickshaw (aka Tuk Tuk). For every donation, we will give one rubber ducky to a kid we meet along the way.

Visit our website here:


raised of $4,000 goal

Recent Donations

1. KKathyBob Burt
Enjoying this new adventure opportunity.
2. JRJack Rearick
Sounds like a great adventure!! Looking forward to hearing about it as you progress.
3. uu/thatsadumbname
This is so cool--happy to support it! I shall call my ducky Snoo! --From your Reddit Secret Santa

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