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Rickshaw Run 2019 - Fundraiser for SOS Children's Villages

The Rubber Duckies

The Rubber Duckies

Greetings! In January of 2019, Pete Berg and Lucien Delabruere will be participating in "The Rickshaw Run," a charity rally across India. We will be driving a motorized rickshaw (aka "Tuk Tuk") over 2,000 kilometers from Bangalore to Jaisalmer. Along the way, we expect to get lost, break down, run into all sort of crazy situations...and have the adventure of a lifetime.

We have decided to raise money for SOS Children's Villages, which provides loving homes for disadvantaged children in 135 countries worldwide, including the USA and India. Superior to orphanages, these villages allow children to grow and flourish. There is even an SOS Children's Village in Bangalore, India - the starting point of The Rickshaw Run.

Our team name is The Rubber Duckies, and in order to spur donations, we will be bringing a whole bunch of rubber duckies along with us on our journey.

If you donate $25 or more, we will bring your own personalized rubber ducky on the Rickshaw Run with us!

You get to name your Rubber Ducky, and we will keep you updated on your duck as we make our way across India. We plan to distribute the ducks throughout the rally — give them to children or friends we meet along the way — and we’ll take a picture of where each and every duck ends up! When we give away your duck, we’ll send you a picture and make a post about it on our website / Facebook. This is a great way to come along on the rally in spirit, and explore India along with us…not to mention that you will also be helping children in need. Win-win!

Use the form below to make your donation. These funds will go to support S.O.S. Children’s Villages. Be sure to pick a name for your rubber ducky and put it in the comments as well. ??

Thank you for supporting SOS Children's Villages! We hope to make the world abetter place, one rubber ducky at a time!

-Pete Berg and Lucien Delabruere
"The Rubber Duckies"


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