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Thank you for joining us by supporting children in Greece

Tom & Koula Papadopoulos

Tom & Koula Papadopoulos


When I started my involvement with SOS International Children’s Villages - Greece several years ago, it was in the midst of the worst financial crisis in that country’s history. Now, another worldwide crisis has come along and once again has had a dramatic impact on the Greek economy. Ultimately, when things go bad, it seems to hurt children more than anyone else. They are the forgotten ones. This is the time of year that we should not forget about them.

As most of you know I travel to Greece often and regularly visit the village just outside Athens and am always amazed of how happy and well adjusted the children are.

Since my involvement with SOS, personally, and with the help friends and business associates, we’ve raised over $100,000.

I invite you to join my family in support of this most important cause.

SOS International Children’s Villages – Greece

In Greece, four in ten children live in poverty.

Since it was established, SOS – Greece has raised more than 750 children and has provided more than 28,000 children with psychological care, special education and emotional counseling.

- Tom & Koula



raised of $25,000 goal

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Tom, You are so kind to have all of us for holiday lunch every year. I always look forward to it, and both having the opportunity to catch up face to face with those we do business with and meet the new people who have joined the Papadop ever expanding circle. I will miss that opportunity, but am thankful to be able to express my gratitude this year by making this small contribution to a cause I know is important to you.. Happy and safe holiday season to you, Koula and your family. Regards, Andrew P.S. This is funny: I got this thing in the mail today about Medicare!! As if we're not just a few years out of college and we're ready for that!! Sheesh.
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