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Project 43324 & SOS Children's Villages USA

Mark Guido

Mark Guido

Project 43324, links Mark's climb of the highest mountain peaks of each of the seven continents with supporting youth development for children in need around the world. 43324 represents the accumulated elevation of each peak in meters, and the financial goal looking to be met.

So far Mark has successfully summited the highest mountain in Africa and South America. In Tanzania, $1,000 has been donated to support Stella Maris English Medium Primary School and in Argentina, $4,900 went to Quinta Betel in Mendoza. Those funds provided life-changing educational resources meant to further the development of youth who need it most.

Project 43324 will now team up with SOS Children's Villages for the remaining 5 climbs. This July 2019, Mark will be climbing Mount Elbrus - the highest mountain in Europe and a climb being dedicated to SOS Children's Village Moscow. Over $1,000 have been raised for this cause.

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See you at the top!

Project 43324



raised of $43,324 goal

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