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Project 43324

Mark Guido

Mark Guido

Project 43324, links Mark's climb of the highest mountain peaks of each of the seven continents with supporting youth development for children in need around the world. 43324 represents the accumulated elevation of each peak in meters, and the financial goal looking to be met.

For some, the thrill of the climb is the sole motivator, but Mark is one of those people that needs to take in the scenery and enjoy the moment. On his various climbs, Mark has realized that the children of the areas he's visited did not have the resources for a decent education. Mark is the son of a teacher, so he was aware that if something could be done for these kids, it should be done. Mark was quick to partner with different groups that support the local children and in doing so his project has helped the lives of many. Before each climb, Mark has the children sign a special flag unique to each location that will accompany him to the summit. This is what keeps Mark motivated. He's no longer climbing for himself, he's climbing with and for all these kids to show them that anything is possible!

So far, Mark has completed 3 of 7 summits, climbed 18,499 of 43,324 vertical meters, and helped raise over $10,000 for youth development around the world.


In October of 2017, Mark climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa. Project 43324 supported Stella Maris English Medium Primary, a school that provides education to the underprivileged children of the local villages in Tanzania. With help from monetary donations, Project 43324 was able to aid in the construction of a new dining hall, that holds 350+ students for school assemblies. Activity books and art supplies were also donated.

South America:

In February of 2019, Mark climbed Aconcagua, the highest mountain in South America. Project 43324 supported Quinta Betel, a remote children’s home at the base of the Andes that provides support to the local children and their families. With help from monetary donations, Project 43324 was able to connect Quinta Betel through the installation of a 40-ft wireless internet tower on the property.


In July of 2019, Mark climbed Mount Elbrus, the highest mountain in Europe. Project 43324 supported SOS Children’s Villages Russia, an organization located in the district of Tomilino that provides support to the local children and their families. In addition to monetary donations, Project 43324 also donated activity books and art supplies.

What's Next?

This June, Mark departs for the Kahiltna Glacier in Alaska to climb Denali, the highest mountain in North America. Project 43324 is supporting SOS Children’s Villages Illinois, specifically, the Chicago village located in the Auburn-Gresham neighborhood, which provides support to the local children and their families in Mark's home state.

Current donations are restricted to SOS Children's Villages Illinois leading up to Mark's climb of Denali.

Mark welcomes you to follow him and his mission and hopes you will consider supporting these local groups that help children every day!

See you at the top!



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