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Welcome to Leo's Birthday Charity Page

Fabien Pataud

Fabien Pataud

Have you ever wanted to help those who really needed it but you didn't know where to start?

SOS Children's Villages is a charity that helps children in need across the globe.

They provide children, shelter, food and education for kids on the streets,

Children who don't really have a chance at life.

Rather than shower our boy with gifts he doesn't need, please help support us support those who really need our love and care.

We appreciate all the support we can get.

Together we can make sure every child has a loving home!


raised of $2,000 goal

Recent Donations

1. APAndrew Perdreau
2. JLJulia Levy
Happy Birthday Leo! Love Stew, Jules and Faye
3. EREdgar Rios
Happy birthday Leo! Love Dina and Ed
4. CCChristine Cardamone
Happy 1st Birthday to sweet little Leo!! We Hope you have a very special day! Lots of love always, Johnny, Christine & Vincent xox
5. SSteve Varadi
6. JAJustin Antenucci
Great idea fub with the donation! Happy birthday little Leo :-)