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The World's Shortest Wish List

Lance Reisman

Lance Reisman

Dear Friends,

This holiday season, children are starting to daydream about gifts: bikes, toys, games. But what do vulnerable children around the world hope for? It could be just one simple, heartbreaking wish: for someone to take care of them. Or, they might wish for a safe place to sleep or enough food to eat. You can make a wish come true for a child—like Kamal (pictured above)—in need.

After Kamal’s father died, his mother struggled to provide for him and his siblings and he needed someone to take care of him. Unfortunately, his situation is not unique. One in ten children around the world are abandoned, neglected, separated from their families or forced to live in an abusive environment. These children need our help.

That’s why I'm committed to raising $35,000 in year-end gifts for children in need—and make as many wishes possible come true. As a member of the Board of Directors of SOS Children’s Villages—the world’s largest nonprofit dedicated to the care of vulnerable children growing up without parental care or at risk of family separation—I want to make sure children in need have the care and support they need to thrive.

Please join me by making a gift today to give vulnerable children a renewed hope and a holiday season filled with love.

Thank you and happy holidays,



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