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As we are waiting to welcome our little boy to this world,
As we are eager to understand what parenthood means,
As we appreciate the things our parents have done for us,
As we show gratitude to God/Almighty/Nature for where we are,
We decided take a pause, and think - how should this child grow up?
What values should we inculcate in him from Day 1?

The two that stood out for us,
Respect every living being irrespective of their species, color, gender and economic status,
And love others and help them without expectation.

As his first project, we are going to raise funds for SOS Children's Village.
By his first birthday, we wish to identify and educate two kids from Africa and Asia, and continue supporting them as they grow, so he understands life from a different perspective from his brothers and sisters across the world.

- Darshana and Vignesh


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1. ASAparna Raju Sagi
A very thoughtful and compassionate idea. Good example to set for the baby.
2. ABAishwarya Balachandran
Congrats again Darshana & Vignesh :) Can't wait to meet the lil one!
3. SShruti Murali
Hearty congratulations to the parents to be! <3 This is a wonderful idea just like both of you :D Best Wishes, Arun & Shruti
4. SBSameera Bandhakavi
5. SGSravani Gullapalli
Congratulations on your bundle of love Vig and Darsh! We cannot wait to shower him with oodles of hugs and kisses <3 - Kirthi and Srav