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For Tuxtla, Mexico

SOS Children's Villages USA

SOS Children's Villages USA

Thank you so much for your interest in supporting SOS Children’s Villages and visiting the SOS 2019 Interns’ fundraising page!

This summer we are proud to announce that we will be fundraising for the SOS Children’s Village in Tuxtla in southern Mexico! This village cares for 55 children, 39 of which have special needs. In rural Mexico, the alternative options for children with disabilities remain bleak - adequate health care and specialized education programs are few and far between. SOS creates individualized plans for these children that focus on building social, mental, and motor skills in order to help put them on a path to independent living in their community.

The interns at SOS Children’s Villages-USA thank you for your generosity. Your donation of any kind will ultimately contribute to the care and medical attention these children need to live happy and healthy lives.

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raised of $10,000 goal

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1. LGLucy Gettman
Kudos to Kerin of the JGCPA for telling me about this worthy project!
2. MUMerri Uckert
Happy to donate to a worthy cause
3. KKevin & Linda
4. CFChipotle Fundraiser
5. LLLisa Leiter
Good luck on meeting your goal, interns!
6. DFDiane Finto
Happy to support this organization and this project.

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