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A Loving Home for Every Child

Brian Reinken

Brian Reinken

As a child sponsor and Board member, I’ve seen firsthand how SOS Children’s Villages can literally transform lives. Around the world, an average of one in ten children grows up alone – without parental care or a safe place to call home. SOS changes that – providing a fun-loving, carefree childhood for young people who have faced unspeakable tragedy and hardship.

Our expertly trained SOS Mothers raise over 80,000 kids in 570 Villages while our family support programs, medical centers, schools and emergency relief efforts positively impact the lives of another 1-2 million children annually. Providing a carefree childhood for those who have faced unspeakable tragedy and hardship, the SOS approach nurtures individuality and confidence, allowing youth to recover, dream and thrive.

I hope that you are able to join us as we work to transform the lives of vulnerable children around the world. SOS would be honored to have your support of their incredible mission—I hope you will consider making a donation today. No contribution is too small to change or save a life.

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