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In memory of Alex

Alexander Schedler

Alexander Schedler

SOS Children's Villages has been very dear to our family, and we would like to turn this tragic event into a gift for vulnerable children to give them a better future. Thank you for all your support!


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1. CClara
Was really amazing meet him last year in Mallorca and enjoy nice moments and days :) amazing guy and very beatiful person. This is really sad. All wishes and love for you Alex.
2. BBrad & Kaitlyn Konstandt
3. AZAnne Zuk
So sorry to hear this very sad news but what a wonderful charity to memorialize Alex.
4. EHElizabeth Hamilton
Sending my heartfelt condolences to the Schedler family. I'm so very sorry for your loss.
5. ?Anonymous
6. EKElly Keay
We're so sorry for your loss. Love to you & all the family, Elly, James & Joshua. xxx