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Derek Olivier: Building Our Communities

Derek Olivier

Derek Olivier

If you are anything like me, you always wish you could do more for amazing organizations like SOS Children's Villiage. One of their location is close to home, in the community of Coconut Creek. They have been helping provide a loving home for hundreds of deserving kids for years.

In their latest attempt to make the world a better place, the organization is trying to renovate their recreation center. But like all things, not much can get accomplished with out funding. Here is our opportunity to help:)

I have challenged my team to run in the Miami Half Marathon in January and raise money for this amazing cause.

I am also committing my company to match up $1,000.00 raised. So if you donated to my charity any I have surpassed my goal, please donate to my other team members.

Together we can make sure every child has a loving home and a fun place to play!

All the Best - Derek

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