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Nigeria is an extremely unsafe place to be a child. High crime rates, poor health care, and political instability in Nigeria make children especially vulnerable to kidnapping, exploitation and abandonment. Although Nigeria is the most populous and rich country in Africa, the wealth doesn’t reach the majority of its people. More than half of the population lives on less than $2 per day. The country ranks among the worst countries in the world for malnutrition, literacy rates, primary and high school enrollment, under-5 mortality rate and life expectancy.


SOS Children’s Villages has worked in Nigeria for over 40 years. SOS runs four villages and two youth facilities for hundreds of children and youth who are orphaned, abandoned, or without parental care. Our villages also include SOS Hermann Gmeiner Kindergartens, SOS Hermann Gmeiner Primary Schools and health care facilities for children in our programs and the surrounding neighborhoods.

We support Nigerian children and young people by providing loving homes, day care, education and job training. In 2004, SOS launched a Family Strengthening Program to support children who are at risk of losing parental care and enable them to grow up in their own families.


The When Children Dream Campaign (#whenchildrendream) is focused on providing vulnerable children in Nigeria with a chance to have—and realize—big dreams. If a young Nigerian girl lives on the streets, she dreams of having a stable and loving home. If a boy is forced to work every day to support his family, he dreams of going to school. However, if we can provide these vulnerable children with the building blocks for a bright future—such as a stable and loving home and an education—then these children can dream of becoming doctors, teachers or even the next president of Nigeria.

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