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Empowering the Future

SOS Fundraising Week

SOS Fundraising Week

The summer 2018 interns of SOS USA are proud to present our Empowering the Future campaign! The week-long fundraiser will support our work with vulnerable children and families around the world.

SOS Children's Villages builds loving, stable families for orphaned, abandoned and other vulnerable children in 135 countries, including the United States. We are the largest non-governmental organization dedicated to the care of orphaned and abandoned children, with 70 years of expertise.

Throughout the week, we will highlight inspiring stories from SOS efforts of empowering youth, investing in girls and women, advocating for children’s rights, responding to emergencies, and strengthening families.

Monday 7/23/2018:

Kwame's childhood should have been spent playing, learning and growing. But when Kwame's father died, his mother could not provide for her family alone. Kwame was forced to drop out of school at 11 years old and work.

When Kwame’s mother could no longer take care of him, he found a loving, stable home at an SOS Village in Ghana. At the SOS Village Kwame was able to be a kid again and was given the chance to pursue his dreams.

Today, Kwame is the first child from his SOS Village to be accepted to the renowned Ghana International College. Kwame says that it was the supportive family environment at SOS that enabled him to focus on growing up and exploring the world around him: build with Legos, go to school, play soccer, read books. The result of all his exploration? Kwame’s dream is to be an automotive engineer. And thanks to supporters like you, he can!

Tuesday 7/24/2018:

Girls continue to be the single most excluded group in the world. They are more likely to be exploited, denied access to education, and malnourished.

When Adeola’s parents died, she dropped out of school and didn’t think twice about it. She had never been encouraged to attend school and didn’t understand the value of education.

Since no relative was ready or willing to care for Adeola and her siblings, they moved into the safety of an SOS Family in Nigeria. With the guidance and support of her SOS Mother, Adeola learned the importance of education, realized her potential, and is top of her class. “I understand now that with an education, I am empowered, and as an educated woman, I am an asset to my community.”

Investing in girls creates long-term social and economic benefits for the whole world. Join us in making sure girls, like Adeola, have the opportunity for a brighter future

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