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I am running the Boston Marathon next week on behalf of the world’s kids — please donate to SOS Children’s Villages!

Natalie Schmidt

Natalie Schmidt

Next Monday, on PATRIOTS’ DAY, I will complete a long journey filled with ups and downs and run the Boston Marathon. As race day approaches, I realize the last time I departed Hopkinton in 2014 that I ran with a purpose. I ran to show that terrorism doesn't win. I ran to support the courage of the volunteers and survivors of that terrible day in 2013, when I was lucky to cross the finish line before the bombings. And of course the victims and their families and loved ones. I am glad I ran in 2014, because Boston was very much alive, and not turning their backs on the great Marathon and its history. This year, I wanted a tangible cause to make those 26.2 miles count for others. IF NOTHING ELSE WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW!

An obvious connection is SOS Children’s Villages. They care for 400,000 children and families in the USA & in 134 countries. Founded after WW2, they help build strong foundations for abandoned and orphaned kids, such as good health & education.  Please support my run and make a donation to help create safe conditions for children and families so they won't have to flee their homes and bad conditions. (100% of your donation will go to SOS Children’s Villages). You can sponsor a child for about $35 a week! Or any donation will support these following types of projects:
$25,000:  Food, water & shelter for 10 unaccompanied children in Nepal for 18 months.

$15,000: 1 year of tuition for 30 kids in India who wouldn’t otherwise get quality education.

$10,000: For 5 abandoned children in Syria for 1 year of shelter, food & psychological support.

$5,000:  Baby formula for 760 babies in Macedonia who have fled wars.

$3,500:  To cover college fees for students in our Illinois program (it has a 100% grad. rate)!

$1,000:  Clothing for 10 children in the Ukraine.

$500:  16 food supplements for a malnourished mother and her child in Senegal.

$420 - Child Sponsorship:  If you want to become a child sponsor, Donate via the "Other" Button, and enter $420 (or $840 for two kids, etc.) please type "CHILD SPONSORSHIP" in Donation Settings. A team member will follow-up. 

Thank you for your support of the world’s children! Natalie


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