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Fundraising : S.O.S Alumni from Nepal Competes in American Ninja Warrior for Orphans around the World.

Dinesh Shrestha

Dinesh Shrestha


My name is Dinesh Shrestha , I am an Alumni of the SOS Children’s Village ,Itahari Nepal. I lived in the orphanage for 18 years before I left for Abudhabi to work in a luxury hotel as an Room Attendant , I worked there for 2 years but I knew I had more dreams and goals and that I needed to look for the opportunities for myself. After living an working in many countries including Abudhabi, Guatemala, El Salvador , Belize, Mexico and finally the United States. These experiences made me stronger and kept me able to pursue my dreams. I learned to speak 5 languages and navigated the world on my own.

I have never met any of my biological family , I was found by someone when I was very small and that took me to SOS Children’s village. Leaving me there with no information. It was very hard for me to get my citizenship papers when I needed to get my passport to go to Abudhabi because I had no birth certificate and none of my family were to be found, the so Government issued me citizenship of Nepal with my name given by SOS Children’s Village Itahari. They also issued me a birthday that is not truly mine. SOS childrens village have given me not only date of birth but my entire life , without SOS Childrens village I dont know if I would have been still alive.

As a SOS alumni I know what all challenges children go through: emotionally physically and even mentally. I have traveled across the world and from coast to coast in America chasing my goal. America is full of opportunities as well as lots lots of challenges. Being on my own prepared me to meet and conquer those challenges every day.

I know how the support of the sponsors and the donors can change one Childs life, child who has lived a life without knowing any of biological family. I am now 34 years old and I know how much it matters to children when they know that somewhere in the world there are people who care about them. I was so lucky to have sponsors while in SOS and I thank god for their support every day. I have made it my goal to help and give back just like the sponsors did for me. I know there are millions of children just like me in the world. Children with no connection to family, growing up abandoned and alone. I have lived that life. I want to use my ability and gifts to raise money for the children around the world by conquering the obstacles in the American Ninja Warrior and winning it.

I have always been in good shape but been training for American Ninja Warrior for the past 3 years. I am confident that I am the next American ninja warrior. I have two goals. One to shine a light on the forgotten children and gave them a goal and a belief that all they need is to believe in themselves and to love themselves no matter what . My second goal is to use the prize money to return to Nepal and find my birth mother who was lost to me 34 years ago. Finding that part of myself is very important to me.

By running the course in AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR and ultimately winning that MILLION Dollar prize I will prove to myself, and orphans everywhere that dreams are worth chasing and that you can create your own future. I know all to well what it takes to keep hope alive in children. My happy ending is to reunite with my Mother and find myself in her eyes and to share with children just like me.

I want to put my story out there in the world so those all of the kind and good people who have and donated ,continuing donating, as part of SOS Family for years and years can see what their help can do for little lost child. I want all of them to know , how much their pennies count and that they can change the life of millions of Children just like me.

Thank you for visiting. SOS Children's Villages is very dear to me, and I'll appreciate all the support I can get. Together we can make sure every child has a loving home! Best.

Best Regards
Dinesh Shrestha
IG: dineshshrestha27


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