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2nd Annual Lamb & Ouzo OPA Lollapalooza!

Kathy Kladopoulos

2nd Annual Lamb & Ouzo OPA Lollapalooza!

The lambs and ouzo have been ordered, the spits have been fired up, the bouzouki player is tuning up…

This year, at our 2nd Annual Lamb & Ouzo OPA Lollapalooza event, we will take a brief moment to honor the millions of children around the world who are not as fortunate as our own. As a tribute to the wonderful work of SOS Children's Villages, a 65-year-old charity helping millions of children and their families worldwide, including those making headlines as they remain in or flee Syria, and hundreds of thousands in Greece suffering the effects of poverty, conflict, and economic instability.

Whether you can attend or not, I hope you will join Ernest and me in supporting this important work.

Let's come together in celebration of family and friendship. Filakia!

- Your Hosts, Ernest Megdanis & Kathy Kladopoulos-Megdanis


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1. RORobin O'Connell
Thanks for including us and enlightening us on a great charity. See you at the rink. Pat and Robin O'Connell
2. PLPatricia Lathouris
What a wonderful cause!! Congratulations on hosting an amazing event!! Filakia, The Lathouris Family
3. DDan & Nancy Welch
Great party guys, thank you for hosting in honor of this charity, it looks pretty interesting. I'm going to keep an "eye" on this one!
4. BHBoyd Harden
Kathy and Ernie: Thank you for a wonderful evening. XOXO, Boyd and Keri
5. EEleanor & Brian Flatow
Thank you for including us in this wonderful celebration. Eleanor & Brian
6. SCSusie Catlin
Thanks for a wonderful and enlightening evening!