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Kirsten Feyling

Kirsten Feyling

I am fundraising for SOS Children’s Villages to help give an orphaned child a loving home this holiday season. Well three children actually - maybe a set of triplets!

It's hard to believe that Marshall and Bennett are 20 months now! Just like any mother, I want everything to be possible for my sons. If they love to sing, I want them to learn music. When they discover science, I want them to run experiments. Mat and I will do our best to provide them with the chance they deserve to cultivate their passions and interests, now and throughout their lives.

But, what if tragedy struck and they no longer had the loving care of a family to protect them? Who would advocate for them? Who would ensure they could chase their dreams? If they had to navigate childhood alone without a parent's care, would they be able to have fulfilling lives?

Far too many children have no one to advocate for them. For them, the holidays are a sad reminder that they have nowhere to call home.

It only takes $472 to bring a vulnerable child in off the streets and provide them with a safe, warm home. Please join me today in reaching my goal to help give an orphaned child a loving home this holiday season.

Thanks to a generous SOS donor, if you support me from now through Giving Tuesday (November 27th), your gift will be matched. Every dollar you give will count as $1.50! That makes a gift of $50 worth $75, or a gift of $100 worth $150!

Together, we can make a world of difference!

Thank you so much, Kirsten


raised of $1,416 goal

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Thank you for putting so much good into the world Kirsten!
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