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Welcome to My Born Guerrera Fundraising Page!

Jessica Abolafia

Jessica Abolafia

Every day is an opportunity to accept a Challenge, to be a Warrior, and to make a Difference. This year, I am raising money for S.O.S Children’s Villages in Santiago, Dominican Republic by committing to a 75 day run streak. Over the next few months, I will be braving early mornings, late nights, rainy days, snowy streets – anything it takes, to run at least one mile per day. By January 21, 2016, my teammates and I hope to pound a combined total of 1507 miles – the distance from NYC to the S.O.S. Village in Santiago, DR. With your support, we aim to raise over $15,000 as a team and make a difference in the lives of at risk children. Knowing that you stand with me, keeps me running strong.

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