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Welcome to My Born Guerrera Fundraising Page!

Jessica Abolafia

Jessica Abolafia

Every day is an opportunity to accept a Challenge, to be a Warrior, and to make a Difference. This year, I am raising money for S.O.S Children’s Villages in Santiago, Dominican Republic by committing to a 75 day run streak. Over the next few months, I will be braving early mornings, late nights, rainy days, snowy streets – anything it takes, to run at least one mile per day. By January 21, 2016, my teammates and I hope to pound a combined total of 1507 miles – the distance from NYC to the S.O.S. Village in Santiago, DR. With your support, we aim to raise over $15,000 as a team and make a difference in the lives of at risk children. Knowing that you stand with me, keeps me running strong.

In Solidarity,



raised of $350 goal

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1. FDFatima Decastro
Dios las bendiga a todas por su buena obra.
2. KMKaryn Marcus
You are an inspiration.
3. SDSarah DeStefano
Congratulations on surpassing your fundraising goal, for completing this run streak, and thank you for getting involved with this charitable effort! Hope to see you soon :)
4. SYStephen Yount
5. GJGregory Johnson II
6. TBTara Burner
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