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Be a Hero for a Child in Crisis

Cameron Schmidt

Cameron Schmidt

SOS Children’s Villages has 400,000 children & families in our care, in the USA & in 134 countries. I am involved because the organization is part of the solution to global challenges we face. We help create safe conditions to prevent the need for children & families to flee bad conditions. We help build foundations for kids: good health & education to yield productive members of societies, which we need to impact the future.

Please help care for our kids at SOS Children's Villages, and those kids still displaced or at risk; those separated from families or on the run due to war or disease. Below are the kinds of projects I am trying to fund below, in addition to getting 200 kids sponsored around the world.

ALSO, PLEASE START YOUR OWN FUNDRAISING CHALLENGE and raise awareness & donations from your friends & family. We have a mobile friendly way to create a “rally page” so you can easily get your contacts engaged. Go to On behalf of the kids, thank you and happy holidays!!!

Join us and Be a Hero for a Child in Crisis by helping provide as much relief to as many vulnerable children as possible. Sponsor a child for $420 and see below for other examples of what your heroism could mean.

Supplies, food, water & shelter for 10 unaccompanied children in Nepal for 18 months.

1 year of tuition for 30 kids in India who wouldn’t otherwise get quality education.

For 5 unaccompanied children in Syria for 1 year of shelter, food, and psychological support.

Baby formula for 760 babies in Macedonia who have fled war-torn countries such as Syria.

To cover college application fees for students in our SOS Children’s Villages Illinois program (we have a 100% graduation rate!).

One year of primary school tuition for 5 children in India who otherwise would not attend school.

Winter clothing for 10 children in the Ukraine including jackets, shoes, gloves, a hat, and a scarf.

16 food supplements for a malnourished mother and her child in Senegal.

$420 - Child Sponsorship
If you want to become a child sponsor, Donate via the "Other" Button, and enter $420 (or $840 for two kids ...) please type "CHILD SPONSORSHIP" in Donation Settings. A team member will follow-up with you to get it set-up.

Brokerage Firm: Morgan Stanley
Contact: Steven G. Grassl
Account Number: 918-106223-003
DTC Number: 0015
Direct: (443) 259-3014
Toll Free: (888) 318-5344
Fax: (443) 276-6593

*Please note that the giving levels are meant to illustrate active SOS programs that your donation could support. Your contributions allow us the much-needed flexibility to allocate funds where they are most needed at the time we receive them.

Be a Hero for a Child in Crisis
Contact: Carolyn Schmidt, Senior Director of Individual Giving
(202) 470-5171 •
Tax ID#: 13-6188433


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