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Special Occasion  
  • Ask friends and family to skip your birthday gifts this year and instead donate to children in need
  • Celebrate a bar or bat mitzvah by having guests contribute to SOS
  • Start your life together with a gift to children. Encourage wedding guests to donate to SOS - who needs another crock pot anyway?
  • In the season of giving, remember the thousands of children around the world celebrating the holidays without their families
Athletes for TeamSOS  
  • Find a local 5k, 10k, marathon or triathlon and get friends to donate money for every mile you complete
  • Organize your own color run, mud run, or other fun run in your community
  • Host a dance marathon, yogathon, or other fun event and have friends donate to participate
  • Play for a cause! Host a golf, basketball, or volleyball tournament with friends and donate all team admission fees
TeamSOS in the Classroom  
  • Students: Get permission from your teacher or school to sell lemonade, candy, or popcorn after school and send your classmates' donations to SOS
  • Teachers: Help your students learn about activism and giving in a way that benefits children just like them around the world
  • School administrators: Organize a money drive as a fun competition between different classes or grades in your school to see which class can raise the most!
In Honor Of  
  • Do you know admire someone's passion for helping children? Honor a teacher, mom, or friend with a donation made in their name
  • All children should have the same shot at a happy life. Begin your baby’s life by helping SOS guarantee a loving family for an orphaned or abandoned child
  • Honor the memory of a loved one by securing donations to a cause they would have been proud to support
Group, Club, or Company  
  • Allow employees to dress casually on certain days by getting them to donate for the right to wear jeans that day
  • Organize a fundraising competition between different departments or student groups to see who can raise the most money. Losers buy lunch!
  • Organize a hunger event or lock-in to bond as a group and educate members on state of children around the world and the work SOS is doing to help
Just Because  
  • None of these ideas working for you? Host a dinner party, organize a fashion show, have a yard sale, hold an auction… anything! There are lots of great ideas- just find the one that works for you. No effort is too small for children in need.
  • Have your own great fundraising idea? Tell us about it and your fundraiser may be featured on our website to help others get inspired!
Still not sure what type of fundraiser you want to host? Check out our Pinterest board for some more fun ideas on how you can help raise money for children around the world!