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Christian Louboutin Culture Club

Christian Louboutin Culture Club

SOS Children's Villages is the #1 Global Organization Dedicated to Orphaned and Abandoned Children, helping more than 80,000 boys and girls in over 570 villages in 134 countries around the world, including right here in the United States. Every day, children become orphaned or abandoned due to violence, poverty, natural disasters or disease. Without the support of a family, the outlook for these children is bleak.

The SOS Village is, at its core, offers a community of loving, stable families. Each Village consists of 10 to 15 homes where SOS Mothers raise and support the children under their care. As we give thanks during this holiday season, please consider donating to help support these children in need. Your gift to SOS Children's Villages USA today provides children with (at any amount, no donation in is too small!):

- A safe home and a warm bed
- Healthy meals and medical care
- A family with a loving SOS mother and siblings
- Preschool, primary, secondary education and training
- Emergency relief in crisis situations

Thank you for your support!

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