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Daianara Amalfitano

Daianara Amalfitano

Thank you for visiting. SOS Children's Villages is very dear to me, and I'll appreciate all the support I can get.

I chose S.O.S. Villages in the Dominican Republic as Born GUERRERA’s first charitable cause because both of my parents were born and raised in Santiago, DR. As a kid we traveled to Dominican Republic during the summers. My Mom always packed an extra suitcase with our outgrown clothes and toys. Upon arriving we drove out to the “campo” where people lived in homes without walls or running water. There we unloaded all of our donations and in return the family in need always offered us a stew that cooked over a fire pit outside.

These memories have always stayed with me. Although we didn’t grow up with much, my mother always reminded us that there are people with less and that we could help those people. After having children of my own I only hope to set that example and really inspire each and every one of you to give back and help those in need. Let’s have fun, RUN and help along the way!


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