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Support a Child in Need of a Home this Holiday Season

Bob Pincus

As the year draws to a close and we enter the season which celebrates family and friendship, I ask you to consider supporting a very special organization. I am in the second year of serving on the Board of SOS Children's Villages USA – part of the largest global nonprofit dedicated to creating stable families for orphaned and abandoned children. SOS is also part of the solution to a serious global problem: one in ten children grows up completely alone – no parents; no place to call home.

In 135 countries, including the U.S., SOS is transforming the lives of children who have faced unspeakable tragedy and hardship. But the results are magical. Last year, our expertly trained SOS Mothers raised over 80,000 happy kids in family houses spread across 570 Villages. An additional 2 million children were supported through our community strengthening programs, SOS schools and medical centers, and emergency relief efforts.

As you gather with loved ones this holiday season, and reflect on the challenges you’ve overcome and the good fortune you’ve achieved, remember that even a small gesture of support can change a life forever. Together, we can ensure that every child – no matter his/her start in life – grows up to be a resilient, successful, proud and productive member of our global society.



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Go Bob!
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Bob--great cause. Have a wonderful holiday season!
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Bob, thanks for doing this. Jack and Karen