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Help Me Make My Birthday Wish Come True!

Ashleigh Christina Lovett

Ashleigh Christina Lovett

Friends, Family, Party People:

Thanks for visiting my fundraising page. If you've seen my facebook feed or spoken to me recently, you'll know that I'm very concerned and heartbroken about the current situation for children and families in Greece. I'm hoping that this year for my birthday, you can please help me raise $1,000 (or more!) to provide much needed social services, food and other support for some of the most vulnerable children and families in Greece.

Five years of crippling economic crisis have placed many low- and middle-income families in a dire situation. Unemployment is at nearly 26%, meaning many parents are--and have been for some years--without the income to adequately provide for even their children's most basic needs. And as the situation in Greece continues to deteriorate, the children--as in any crisis--are suffering the greatest burden.

An alarming 40% of Greek children now live in poverty, often without consistent nutritious meals or regular access to the health care services they need. Many children are struggling in school on account of illness, hunger and toxic stress. These are poverty-related deprivations that threaten the futures of a generation of Greek children.

Parents should never fear they won't have the resources to feed their children. They should never be forced to contemplate giving up custody of their children on account of poverty. However, these are heartbreaking realities for many families in Greece today, and I want to do my part to provide them with relief.

SOS Children's Villages, the organization where I work, has been working with children and families in Greece since 1975. We provide the most vulnerable families with the comprehensive social services and support they need to overcome hardships, to create the loving and stable homes that all children deserve, and to stay together during this difficult time in Greece. And for children who have been abandoned or separated from their parents, we provide them with protection and care in loving SOS families. Our overall goal is to support and strengthen vulnerable families so that they can stay together and that every child grows up in a loving, safe environment, with all the support they need to thrive.

So if you were thinking of spending $15 on me for a birthday cocktail, or you have $5, $10, $50, $100 or more :) to spare, please consider helping me make my birthday wish come true. The children and families of Greece need us.

Ashleigh Christina


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