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Around the World in 80 Anthems

Capri Everitt

Hello, I'm Capri. I am an eleven-year-old from Vancouver that plans on doing something incredible over the next year.

My family and I plan to visit 80 countries around the world in order to raise money for children everywhere who have been affected by war, poverty, climate change or other unfortunate circumstances, specifically through SOS Children's Villages (SOS). SOS works in 134 countries and has over 540 children's Villages throughout the world. The journey will begin on November 20, 2015 at UNICEF's Universal Children's Day celebrations in Ottawa where I will sing the Canadian National Anthem and speak as SOS Children's Villages youngest Youth Ambassador.

I will be singing the national anthem in the national language of each of the 80 countries that we are going to visit (my little brother will be blogging the whole trip). We will be inviting as many of the local children as possible to come and sing with me.

Funds raised from USA-based donors will be going to programs in: South Africa, India, Greece, the Philippines, and the United States (all of which I am visiting on my journey!).

Please join me in promoting the welfare of children around the world and celebrating them through song! Learn more by visiting my website:

DC BASEBALL FANS: My final stop will be in the United States, where I will be singing the U.S. National Anthem at Nationals Park on Friday, August 12 at 7:05pm before the Nationals take on the Braves. Purchase your tickets from WWW.NATIONALS.COM/SOS and a portion of your ticket will be donated to SOS Children's Villages. GET YOURS TODAY!



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2. WNWashington Nationals Baseball Club, LLC.
3. HPHarris Poullaides
Quite simply: You are an inspiration. If the youth of yesteryear were all as amazing as you are, the world would be a much better place
4. KPKimberly Phinney
I loved watching your journey through the facebook posts. You have a beautiful voice and inner spirit! You have a world of admirers. I went to high school w your dad. Best wishes to your family. I'm amazed by your family's commitment. Kimberly Phinney
5. IMIan McLeod
Hat's off to Capri and the Everitt family .... Great job !!!
6. PDPhilip DiStefano
AWESOME Job Ms. Capri - & kudos to you family, too :)